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4JT series engine

4J15T is a 1.5L supercharged engine which is developed by DAE on the basis of the original 4G1 platform to satisfy the Country six B regulations. It adopts double overhead camshaft, variable intake valve timing design and low inertia turbocharger. It has simple structure, high integration and high reliability. It has completed the matching of several models and has cost advantages. It can match various types of SUV / MPV / car and satisfy Country six emission. Liuqi, Weichai and other country six projects have completed volume production.

4J15TD is a turbocharged direct injection engine which is developed by the company's new platform. It applies a variety of advanced technologies to achieve the development goals of high performance, low fuel consumption and low emission. It can face the middle and high level passenger car market and satisfy the country six emission regulations.

Vehicle models:Weichai U70、Jingyi T5/T5L etc.
Product model:4J15T、4J15TD、4J15T2、3J12TD、3J12T