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4J series engine(1.5L,1.6L)

The 4JM and the 4JV series engine are based on the original 4G1 series engine. The 4JM and the 4JV series engine are upgraded developmental product that is optimized on the combustor, cam profiles and fine calibration etc. There are two displacement options which are 1.5L and 1.6L can be selected, and the FF/FR layout can be implemented.  Most of parts of the upgraded engine can be used on original platform. The 4JM and the 4JV series engine have the advantages of  high technology maturity, low fuel consumption and low emission.

Vehicle models:Changan Zhixing 9 、Changan Ruixing M80、Changan Ruixing M90
Product model:4J15M2、4J16M2、4J15V、4J16V